I’ve been lifting weights for more than 20 years. Oh, been doing some other stuff too. Martial arts, volleyball, mountain bike, basketball; wrote some books, fell in love a lot of times, left my country, left the country I was living in after I left my country, came back to Japan, fell in love again, opened the gym, played The Witcher for 6 months straight.

Through highs and lows, through joy and sadness, lifting weights was a constant, no matter how busy or tired or hurt I was. It saved my life, the barbell (but that’s a long story). And to teach others is my way of saying “thank you”.

Before opening my gym and way before even thinking about owning one, I went to a lot of gyms. I mean A LOT. In my city, in neighboring cities, in other countries (namely Australia, USA and Brazil). Some months here, some months there. Studying, thinking and observing people (not in a weird way).

What I’d noticed very early in Japan is that most people around me were struggling in the pursuit of their goals. Why? Because of prejudice and misinformation, women flailed her arms with 1 kg dumbbells for “ladies should not lift weights”. Overweight folks ran on treadmills for months and months without losing a gram of fat, without knowing why. For fear and old myths, some people never squatted, thinking that doing so would bust their knees. Those people, they were not lazy. In most cases, it seemed like determined, strong-willed men and women who seemed stuck in mediocrity, but kept trying, nonetheless. And nobody near to help them.

I got certified. I thought about seeking a jog in a fitness facility. But, no. It would not take a genius to realize that the system was broken, in an industry full of lies and misconceptions that were all about the money, far away from health and fitness.

I decided to do it by myself.

Physical exercise is more than a nice-looking body, more than shedding some fat. Exercise keeps you healthy, keeps you busy and keeps you sane.

Proper exercise gives you a strong body and a positive mood, better self-esteem and confidence, which leads to a brighter approach to life, success and a winning attitude. Training sessions keep you busy, focused, with objectives in mind, striving to always get better.

I’ve trained hundreds of people. This journey is not about the six-pack. With time I came to know. And I suspect that you also know. That this journey is about YOU. And it starts now!

  • Personal Fitness Trainer - NESTA / IFBB

  • Functional Training Specialist

  • Biomechanics Specialist

  • Functional Movement Screen level 1

  • Exercise Nutrition level 1 - Precision Nutrition