Price list






Monthly plans

6 lessons

8 lessons
12 lessons

3-month plans

18 lessons - 67,000円

24 lessons - 78,000円

36 lessons - 108,000円

Lessons are 60 minutes long.

For every new trainee, the first three sessions are private lessons. Enough time to grab the basics and primary exercises. After that, the client will be slowly introduced in a group training environment, limited to four people.

Why group training?

- Camaraderie: training can be hard, and it's always good to have motivated people by your side, working towards the same goal.
- Watch and learn: 1-on-1 personal training is awesome, but to watch other people move and exercise is also a great learning experience. There is no one-size-fits-all model, and everybody squats differently for example.

- Personal training: don't forget about me! I'm always in the room. Managing the session, correcting the form, teaching and rooting for all of you!

- Healthy competition: C'mon! Who wants to be the last?

Only Me - Special Plan

If, for a multitude of reasons, group training doesn't seem the right choice for you, we must be talking about the real deal Personal Experience. Not the cookie-cutter personal training in a tiny room with 2 machines and an instructor that got certified yesterday.

If you're signing up for the Only Me Special Plan, it's because you prioritize focus and are certain about your goals. Bring the effort for we have work to do.

- Every training session is 1-on-1. You have the whole gym for you.

- My eyes are on you all the time. And if my hands are not helping you in the last repetitions of the exercise, they are holding a stopwatch.

- Feel free to ask questions, cry or laugh, if things get funny.

- Free use of the rental locker.

- Free post-workout protein drink.

TNK Training deadlift.jpg

20 lessons in a 2 months period: 160,000円