Time wasted is never recovered.

Stop exercising aimlessly and put your effort into real results!

Muscles... Strength training is often misunderstood in Japan, so let's clear some things up.

TNK Training is not a bodybuilding gym. TNK Training is not a "cut your carbs and lose weight" gym. I won't give you massages and won't try to "fix" your back pain. "Functional" is on the logo, but I steer away from CrossFit gimmicks. And though I almost never train light, TNK is not a powerlifting gym either.


Training for general strength can make you lose body fat, can give you a nice-looking body, might alleviate your back pain and improve your posture, and will without a doubt slow and even reverse your natural aging. It's simple as that.

So, yes, TNK Training is a strength training facility. Barbells and dumbbells basically. Also, sprints, jumps, kettlebells, punching and kicking the sandbag. I like it heavy and hard.  That's where all the fun is!

Stick with me and I guarantee that you can achieve a healthy, attractive, younger and strong body. Once you start, there's no going back!

Welcome are people who:

Don’t feel comfortable in crowded regular gyms.


Want results and a custom-made training program.


Are training elsewhere and the goals are stalled, whatever they may be: fat loss, muscle gain, etc.


Want to discover what REAL strength training can do for their athletic performance.

Never trained and don’t know where to start but are ready to put up the effort.